What’s love?

So, today has been pretty uneventful, worked for a couple hours then got sent home. Not even worth my time, but whatever works for them… Anyways, I’m going to try to continue to write and start to come up with a theme for the blog.  Well, I guess it already has a theme. The theme of life, which is the ultimate theme after all.  So I guess that’s what I will write about from now on.  Anything that comes to mind I will just jot down on here for the world to read.  You guys wouldn’t mind, would you?  Didn’t think so…

Ooh! I know what to write about!  (sorry if this is a little random and has no buffer zone)

Love, that will be my topic. So, my girlfriend of ten months’ father asked me “What is love?” and you know something?  I had no idea as how to answer his question… I mean really, what IS love? Is it just simply a four letter word, or is there more to it than that? Is love the pit you get in you stomach whenever you think of that special someone? Or is love freezing in the cold just so your partner can be warm?  Or is love knowing that for the rest of your existence you want to be with that one person and share ever moment together?  I mean really, what is love?  Can words even define such an undefinable thing?  Do we even have the words to attempt to describe it?  All I know about love is that it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world and I hope that every person on this planet gets to experience it.  It makes this life much more tolerable, that’s for sure!

So, leave me some thoughts, what is your description of love?



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